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Changing how people make sales calls

Putting Sales Call Strategies and Coaching inside Your CRM

Sales Metrics is a company invested in helping your sales teams measure their impact on every sales call. Founded by Shiera O’Brien, a sales trainer and coach who has been at the forefront of sales training for over 18 years, Sales Metrics was designed to bring her flagship training in Selling Behaviours into an AI-Driven Sales CRM system.

After searching for a CRM tool that could bring productivity to sales teams, Sales Metrics was born. At Sales Metrics, we work with our technology partner SalesTalk Technology to finally bridge the gap between learning how to sell and coaching the learning into sales figures. We are excited about this new and dynamic technology, the missing piece in sales conversations.

Blending Sales Expertise with SalesTalk CRM Technology

We have partnered with SalesTalk Technologies to provide a sales automation tool that brings coaching in real-time to the sales rep inside their CRM tool. You can keep sales reps learning and productive with our blend of Sales Training, Sales Management Technology and  AI-Sales Playbook. Sales Calls just got a lot more automated and coachable.

Giving your Sales Team a Real Advantage

Never has there been a greater need for sales reps to be relevant and make an impact in the first minutes of a call.

What can you learn by speaking to Sales Metrics? Watch our video below to learn how your business can grow by bringing a new approach to selling. This is a unique technology that can help equip your sales team to enter sales conversations with confidence, relevance and engagement.

Nurture your leads through marketing automation

Create digital footprints of your prospects’ behaviours

Use our well-designed Sales Conversation Playbooks and win more deals

Automate the buying cycle tracking and follow-up with impact

Stand out from competitors by using our AI-driven sales tools

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