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Engage your prospects by showing them that you have done your research and that you are invested in their business. Story So Far is designed to give you the lead intelligence needed to have relevant conversations with your client and engage them from the first call. See everything in one place, from title to time spent on a webpage.

Don’t lose prospects to employee turnover. When a sales rep leaves, their prospects and all relevant information gathered from their interactions with them shouldn’t leave with the rep. SalesTalk captures all that data and you don’t have to worry about poor or lack of knowledge transfer.


Why are reps reluctant to use sales tools? Stop wasting time using generic dashboards that don’t reflect your business hot-points. SalesTalk gives you complete control over what information you want to see about your leads by giving you the ability to:

  • bulletAdd an unlimited number of fields
  • bulletChoose your sequence
  • bulletPick from dropdowns, free fills, and check boxes

No behind the scenes development is necessary. Our easy customization is simple, fast and something anyone on your team can do.


The Story So Far™ shows email sends as well as tracks them. See any emails that have been opened, clicked and replied to. You can have entire conversations in one central place closing the loop on the prospecting email cycle. No integration necessary.


There’s no better way to see what your prospect is interested in and how interested they are than through their behaviour on your website. Use lead tracking to see what pages your leads are visiting and how long they are spending on those pages. Track what forms they have filled out as well as any they have abandoned. No opportunities are lost you determine if their level of engagement merits follow-up.


Your conversations with your lead will be tracked automatically in the Story So Far. While reviewing sales material in a conversation with a prospect, the system will be tracking topics and time of discussion. See what has been said as well as any questions and objections that were raised and addressed. Use our reports on these conversations to see what is working to better coach your sales team.