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Sales enablement is all about helping sales reps make intelligent calls confidently, to drive your sales results.

It’s about creating a reliable sales pipeline, filled with qualified prospects, appointments, follow-up communications, calls-to-action and meeting with the decision makers.

With our virtual Sales Playbooks, we can narrow down the sales lost by unprepared sales reps. Capture your sales best practices, call scripts, workflows, email communications. Automate those administrative tasks with our ClickNote and AI-driven call workflows

If you are a sales manager, our sales analytics reporting puts you in the coaching seat real time. We can help you change unproductive selling behaviours and turn your team into seasoned sales professionals.


Instantly view your company progress on target market leads and hot prospects with our unique history on each prospect on the Story So Far.

In the Story So Far, you will see everything that has been, said, read or done by the sale rep and the prospect.

The Story So Far tracks everything that you want it to track; the behaviours and productivity of the sales rep, emails and product information sent, landing pages clicked, and whether your sales rep is using your coaching tools to improve their selling.

And if you have something unique to your business you want to track, you can design a bespoke Sales Playbook to drive those sales.


Create your own virtual Sales Playbook, with the SalesTalk Navigator and design your company best practice content. Create a consistent message and pitch across your sales team to link sales and marketing.

SalesTalk is dynamic and instantly updates and flags new content. If you need to change your message or switch product sales, your team can switch to relevant Sales Playbooks.

Interactive call scripts allow sales teams to capture important prospect information on the call. No more after-hours time updating sales activity reports and notes after the call is over.  By using the patented Click Notes functionality, sales reps can automatically capture typical, repetitive notes at the click of a button.

ClickNotes will turn even the most disorganised sales rep into a better performer. The Sales Playbook not only helps the company grow; it also helps the sales manager to drive right selling behaviours and see real change in sales team performance.



Create target call lists and market segment lists based on your sales strategy on a day-to-day basis. Design the call criteria using bespoke criteria, demographics and industries. Keep sales reps on track with refined call-outcome criteria they must demonstrate.  A very powerful tool in a call-centre environment.

Use Sales Alerts to track prospect behaviour such as clicking emails, visiting landing pages connected to your automated marketing activities.  If a major deal is closed or a client meeting is scheduled, the Sales Manager can be alerted in real time, while the sales rep is still on the call.


Integrate key sales activities into your marketing campaigns by creating pre-designed communication emails and templates. Sales reps can now be part of your marketing with our One-to-One Campaign feature that allows sales reps to design their own campaign for each prospect.

Where you have leads that are not ready to buy, you can recycle them into the nurturing campaign and send them information when they are ready to buy, based on criteria you set.

All appointments, call and follow-up is done inside SalesTalk and synch with Google Calendar. Manage your prospects or markets and assign them to yourself or others on your sales team. Our goal is to put the sales automation in the hands of the sales rep.


Do you want to know how effective your sales team really are? The sales activities reporting gives you good insights into what people are doing on each call; track how quickly they gave up on a lead, their call volumes, their use of the coaching tools, their ability to reach decisions makers, their understanding of the value proposition.

Drill down into their selling behaviours and coach them in real time based on the data captured. Use the data to help your sale reps close the lead time and improve their contact levels with decision makers, call effectiveness.

Run reports real-time to see if your team are making enough calls and making the right level of progress. For the first time with SalesTalk, you can monitor sales and behaviours by generating a real-time sales activity report.


Want to know who your top performer is? Look at the Story So Far across all the closed deals with your best sales people and identify what best practices won the deal. Quality conversations and selling behaviours close deals faster. Take the winning process and get your sales team onboard.


SalesTalk offers you a unique technology to fine-tune your sales effectiveness and upgrade the sales team performance using real data that will help the sales rep improve their numbers.