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Relevant2Me+U٠Unique Processes Beginning with the Sales Talking Points

Since the first CRM was introduced 30 years ago, Reps have been reluctant to use them because they saw them as a hindrance that caused inefficiencies in the sales process and slowed productivity.The data to be updated is often scattered throughout the CRM system which was designed for reporting rather than giving key and relevant information. A CRM shows information that is relevant to some contacts, some of the time. In other words… everything you would ever want to know instead of presenting just the information relevant to your next call to the prospect.

Reference Relevant Contact Data Easily, In-Call or Afterward

Relevant2Me+U shows only what is relevant to this call in the sequence it will be needed during the discussion, selecting the contact information that is relevant to this conversation by creating a customizable My Viewټ/strong>.Any information in the contact record can be displayed in the sequence the rep wants. Different sales reps and sales managers can have different My Views.Relevant2Me+U goes beyond tailored views for specific users and user groups.
Views can be created for Roles or Groups of Users, create a single view for Inside Sales or Business Development Reps, a separate view for Outside Sales Reps, another for Sales Managers, one for the CFO, and so on.Views are automatically selected by the Rules Engine and show different options based upon sales stage, product being discussed, title, company industry, etc.Relevant2Me+U even changes the data while in the call, so the rep always has the relevant information from the CRM at their fingertips.

Admins Can Easily Configure Sales Playbook Personalizations

Simply check the always include box for this Talking Point so that basic forms such as Qualification, Order Entry or Talking Points with email content attached, are always included within the Sales Playbook.To enable Talking Points in Playbook personalization, Criteria Buckets are selected from a drop-down list of all available fields in the database.Enter one or several values in the Criteria Bucket for the columns in the previous step to enable the Talking Point to be included in the Custom Playbook. The system will choose any match between the fields on the Contact Record and the Value in the Criteria Bucket.

Example:Owner | Manager | CEO | Vice President

To demonstrate, the criteria for Title is met if the value in the Title field on the Contact record, in this instance, is either: CEO, President, Vice President, or Owner. Contacts with the value Manager in the Title field on the contact record will not have this Talking Point loaded into their Custom Playbook. Multiple alternatives may be specified for each of the fields by separating them with the vertical bar character.

Digital behaviors can also be used to conditionally include Talking Points in the Personalized Playbook. The digital behaviors include email opens, clicks on links within emails, clicks on a website, form fills, basically any action taken by a contact that has been captured in the system. Any and all forms of digital behavior can be used by R2M. The Rules Engine is applied to create AI-enabled insights using recency, frequency, and duration of any digital behaviors.For example, the system could use the fact that the contact looked at the web page named ԗhy Dogs are Manӳ Best Friends,Լ/em> and/or more than once, and/or in the last two weeks, and/or for more than 30 seconds to trigger the generated Playbook to include the Talking Point, ԗhy donӴ you just take a puppy home for a weekend to see how your family likes it?Լ/em>