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Personalized & Dynamic, AI Generated Sales Playbooks

How do your sales reps stand out from your competitors? Do they know how to be relevant to their prospects and buyers? When SalesTalk designed its electronic Sales Playbooks, it put the focus on giving sales reps tools that they could use to sound relevant, valuable and informed on burning issues for their prospect on the call, in real time, when it matters

Sales reps can longer afford to wing it or trust their old way of selling. They need dynamic playbooks that rapidly get into the mind of the prospect and move the compass towards the close. Relevant2U+Me is an AI-driven Sales Playbook that might just make that difference to your team sales performance.

What if you had a Sales Playbook that is designed specifically for your business, and only contains relevant, quality content and coaching to keep your sales reps motivated, informed and engaged?


Our goal is help train your sales people on the calls, with the Sales Playbooks at their finger tips, and make more impact and close more sales because they have your tailored Sales Playbook that is practical and valuable to them and their prospects.

Many sales reps attend training and get a company Sales Playbook and turn back to old habits. Upgrading their skills is all about creating Interactions that Matter and reflect in your sales figures. With our AI-drive Sales Playbook, your sales rep can be coached and guided to create better quality interactions with their prospects.
Reps can now engage in meaningful conversations saying and sending relevant information that reflects the burning issues of their prospects in their pipeline. Designed to include only what is relevant to the Sales Rep and their prospect, the R2M functionality uses AI to give the sales rep Talking Points that can engage their prospects in relevant conversations that prompt them to take action.
Do you have a company Sales Playbook?
Is it relevant and up-to-date?


Dynamic is the Difference with our Playbooks

R2M is the Playbook that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a powerful rules engine to create dynamic Sales Playbooks, that personalise the sales conversation and make it relevant to the prospect in real time.

The Playbook Builder can feed the sales rep with data, digital behaviours, personalised pitches and dynamic emails, at the click of a button.

It can guide the sales rep on the next steps in the sales conversation, without going over old ground. It is designed to move the conversation forward and make visible progress in the sales cycle.



Turn Digital Behaviour into Sales

R2M captures digital behaviour with prospects who have interacted on some level with the sales rep. This includes email opens, clicked links within emails, website clicks and form fills. The Rules Engine applies AI-enabled insights on recency, frequency and duration of all digital behaviours to generate a Sales Playbook that is relevant to a prospect’s most recent interactions. It gives your sales reps the guidance needed for the next steps.


Using Unique CRM Data

With unique data from the contact’s CRM persona, such as title, industry and current stage in the sales cycle, you can design a Sales Playbook to guide and direct important conversations to a better outcome. Based on the unique contact data,  the R2M is programmed to automatically select only relevant talking points and personalize the Playbook for the prospect. As the data changes, so does the Playbook.


Using Conversation Intelligence

Intelligence uncovered and recorded in the Story So Far conversations are used to personalize Playbooks. For example, actions like Discussed Price or Asked for References or Discussed Product Training would trigger the Talking Point(s) to be included in the personalized Sales Playbook dynamically generated for this prospect. Then the sales rep can pick up where they left off on the last call.


A Real-Time, Virtual Sales Coach at the Rep's Fingertips

With our new AI-driven approach to sales conversations, your sales reps have a virtual sales coach at their fingertips.

The Sales Playbook can give your sales reps the edge by leveraging all data, all past conversations and putting your team into a stronger position to advance through the sales cycle, using pointed, quality messaging and data to get to next stage.

Real-time Playbooks takes the hard work out getting a prospect’s attention in the first minutes of a call. You can get to the point and get more traction to close that sale.

The Sales Playbook can be refreshed at any time on the call. The dynamic refresh of the Sales Playbook is particularly valuable near the end of a sales call.  It will get the sales rep to focus on the later stages of the close and only present Talking Points that will help close the sale, keeping them focussed to get to the close.
Using Relevant2Me+U tools makes your salesperson stand out, creating a uniquely personal experience for the prospect that they won’t get from a sales rep using a standard CRM system. All sales are closed through quality sales conversations and using language and information that a prospect will relate and respond to. This is a game changer for salespeople. Driven by an AI generated Sales Playbook, all prospect interactions become Interactions that Matter.