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Sales & Marketing Working Hand-in-Glove

How do you create a seamless, quality customer experience for new markets and prospective buyers? What does your company do to coordinate a unified message between the efforts of the marketing department, launching your product, and the sales team, selling your product?

It’s clear that the buyer’s journey is divided between their digital interactions with marketing and their conversations with your sales team.

With our R2Me functionality, we may just have the tools to build the bridge between Sales and Marketing and create a quality feedback loop to drive things forward.

Get Sales & Marketing Teams...
Useful2Me٠is a game changer for the Learning and Development function in your company.  We have designed the product to allow the users to give, live continuous feedback on the relevance of the marketing, training and product information provided to sales reps in the field. This is a tool that will help L&D refine the post-training support in sales, product training and marketing. If it’s not useful, you can refine it to make it more relevant to you sales team.
Useful2Me allows for easy and contextual feedback from Sales Reps to Marketing and Sales Management on the content they are being offered to help sales reps have conversations that get real results. Useful2Me opens a new communication channel between Marketing who develops the content and Sales reps who use it, which can only translate into a better customer experience and higher sales.


Useful2Me is a breakthrough product in solving the problem of how to get meaningful feedback from the sales teams that use marketing content.  The problem is well known: a Google Search on how to get feedback from sales reps to marketing returns 36,500,000 ideas ֠BUT NOT ONE IS A SOLUTION LIKE Useful2Me. It’s simple and effective.
The Peer Review functionality is a key factor in the use of recommended best Talking Points for any situation – what other sales reps are saying about the Talking Points they are being offered for verbal and written communications with their prospects. Sales Reps are far more likely to use content that their peers are ranking highly on several factors.
...Working Together

3 Simple Questions to Get Marketing & Sales Working Together

by David J.P. FisherAugust 15, 2017

Practical Questions to Bring Marketing and Sales Together
So how do you do this? Keep it simple. On a regular basis, marketers should sit down for a few minutes with the sales champions in their organization. who are actively engaged in hitting quota and bringing in the business.  Ask them what they need in the CRM to drive their conversations to another level. Populate the Sales Playbook with good case studies, White Papers and client success stories. Update and refine constantly to create the sales tools that win business.
What are the favorite stories that you are telling your prospects right now?

Salespeople are storytellers. Their job is to connect with a person, uncover their needs, and use their influence and knowledge to create action. Stories help them connect and move their customers. Find out what stories are gaining traction with your customers. It might be a client success story,  Or it might be of something completely outside of the company that illustrates a relevant point.

These narratives could be woven into the content you are creating. Or they could become the content ֠imagine a video of a salesperson talking enthusiastically about how a customer saved time, money, and energy with your product.

The article referenced here is a typical approach to bridging the sales to marketing communication gap before Useful2Me ֠quoted in detail to show the value of Useful2Me.
What has been your biggest win lately?

The best stories are the wins. Find out what recent wins your salespeople had. What information proved valuable to the new clients and customers? What competitors did win the business from? What did the customer say when they decided to go ahead and work with your company?

Successful salespeople are top of their field because of their hard work and lots of customer engagement. They can tell you what’s happening in the successful engagements with the customers, what they are thinking and what they value. They are the walking best practices and a goldmine for strategies that win business.

Why aren’t people buying from you?

When you get past the ‘don’t have any good leads’ bluster, you’ll find that there are legitimate challenges and objections that salespeople are running into. Is there a particular feature that your product lacks or is there a competitor that seems like they are better? Are you sales selling on value effectively? Or are prospective customers too comfortable with the status quo and resistant to change?

Tap into your sales champions, capture what’s working and you’ll have a direct line into what sort of content you should be creating. Work with the sales team to figure out which content would accelerate the sale. Set the sales team up for success. Continue Reading

How Useful2Me٠Works


Step 1 – Single Click to give feedback in the context of a sales opportunity.

Step 2 – Enter scores on the Talking Point using six criteria with unlimited textual comment in the pop-up feedback box.

The Talking Point Feedback Report (shown below) reflects the following information for a selected – or all Talking Points.
  1. Days Since Used
  2. Count (of the times used)
  3. Total Hours and Minutes (discussed with a prospect)
  4. Peer Average Feedback Scores on:
    • Usefulness
    • Applicability
    • Effectiveness
    • Clarity
    • Accuracy
    • Readability

To make this information even more valuable to the Sales Rep, the data is easily tightened so the report only includes a combination of criteria:

  1. Date Range
  2. Prospect Company
  3. Other Sales Rep Usage

Lists of prospects are created using Artificial Intelligence that include any combination of criteria which can be used as the data source to the Talking Points Feedback Report.The Talking Point Detailed Feedback Report shows all the scores and comments by Talking Point, by Rep, by Date, etc. allowing Marketing or Sales Consultants to update the content based upon user feedback.