4 Ways to Shorten Sales Rep Ramp-Up Time

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Training new sales reps is a time consuming and expensive process. With high turnover and an average rep ramp up time of 6-10 months, it can be hard to justify the effort. This pain is exactly why our focus is on providing an environment that helps make ramp-up of new reps as quick and effective as possible.
Here are four tips to shorten ramp-up time and make sure that the training sticks.

1. Train in context

Training shouldn’t be a one-time information dump. Learning should continue as your sales reps start making calls. Think of it as building a foundation, and then adding on layers as you go.
The key to extending training into live sales situations is making sure sales reps can find what they need quickly. There should be one place where their up to date scripts and messaging are easy to access. This reinforces training and gives reps hands-on training that is crucial to their development, without causing sales to suffer.

2. Avoid information overload

Providing too much information at once is a perfect way to make sure that the trainee remembers nothing. It’s easy to forget how daunting it is to learn all that’s needed when you’ve become a pro. Put yourself in that sales rep’s shoes and remember that learning new material is best done in stages.
Break new material into digestible parts. Match those to the stages of your sales process, and then break it up even more. Think about what should happen on the first call, the second, the first appointment and so on. Organize company and technical information the way it will be used.
Help new hires really digest the information that you give them. When you change topics, make sure you’re switching to related subjects. Transitions are just as important in training as in the sales process.

3. Make the system work for your team

It’s an all-too-frequent occurrence for sales teams to be using disparate systems. Instead of focusing on gaining essential knowledge, they’re putting way too much effort into navigating through multiple systems just to find and bring the right information together.
Delivering lead intelligence to your team so they can work effectively through their sales process should be a no brainer. Reps need to be able to work from one familiar system that collects and sends data to other systems effortlessly. The easier to use the better, so they can start using that system almost immediately.

4. It all comes down to confidence

One of the biggest hurdles for new sales reps to overcome is building the confidence to have fruitful conversations with their prospects. Those first few encounters will always be nerve wracking, but you can give your reps exactly what they need, when they need it to make them feel confident.
That confidence comes through on the call, and goes a long way with today’s buyers.
Need help putting these tips to work? Schedule a free consultation with one of our sales experts to see how SalesTalk can help.


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