5 Tips to Get Your Sales Emails Read

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What is the point in spending all that time getting your emails crafted just to have them either not opened or deleted immediately? Finding a way to improve your open rate and cut through the email noise is something all sales reps should be working on. To get you started check out these five tips to help you get your sales emails read.

Email Subject Line

Marketing agonizes over email subjects for every single send to ensure that they are getting the highest open rates possible. While I’m not saying a sales person should be putting in the same amount of effort into every single email that they are sending out. I am saying that they should be applying some of the same methodology as marketing does.
Here are some tips on grabbing the recipient’s attention. Make your subject line a question. Questions often times sparks curiosity as it makes the reader think as soon as they read it. Keep it short to avoid truncated subject lines, lost interest and confusion. Have a subject line that is related to your email. We are all too aware that email is a cluttered space and companies will do what they can to cut through, that involves tricks. Build trust through avoiding misleading subject lines and by giving them content that they would expect when taking the time to open your email.

Time of Day

Choose your time of day carefully. Here are some suggestions on what to avoid. Avoid early on Monday mornings. Mailboxes are typically inundated on Monday mornings with emails not to mention the stress of getting back to work after a relaxing weekend and remembering all the big projects you need to get done. Speaking of weekends let’s avoid sending on weekends too and let your prospects relax. Unless you know your prospect is in a higher up position and catches up on their Sundays.
Shoot for midweek for your email sends. Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays across the board have been found as the most optimal days to get those emails opened and read. Also avoid those early mornings to keep your message from being lost in all those messages that gathered overnight and in the early morning.

Do Your Research

A key point to making sure that your email is being read and not immediately discarded is to make sure what you are sending is relevant to the person. First things first, make sure that what you are sending pertains to the company that are trying to sell to. That what you are proposing fits that company’s needs.
Second ensure you are emailing the correct person. You can’t just email any person at the company and expect your email to fall into the right hands. You have to know that you are emailing the person who (1) has the power to make the decision and (2) heads the department that would most benefit from your solution.

Short, Sweet, and To the Point

As soon as I get an email that is five paragraphs long with ten bullet points it does straight to my trash can or it gets a short skim before going to my trash. Emails are not your chance to get in every possible
thing you want to say or write a short novel. It is to pique interest and get the chance to have that phone call. Keep you emails short and on point. Create a short intro, three pointed bullet points, a call to action, and send that email out!

Put a Method to the Madness

There is not a perfected formula that spans across industries for email etiquette because all industries are going to behave differently. The best thing for you to do is to trial different methods. Try out different subject lines and different days of the week at various times. Once you have a couple of good test groups going make sure you track your metrics. See what variables are getting you better engagement: open rates, click through rates, response rates. In a traditional email environment this is not the easiest thing to do, however with SalesTalk it is a breeze through our automated lead nurturing and email follow up.


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