Automate Sales, but Keep the Personal Touch

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Everybody’s talking about automating sales processes. Sales teams have lots of leads but most of the time a major portion of them are not as qualified as you would like them to be and they are just not ready for that one on one attention. Here’s where sales automation comes into play.
There is a lot of software out there claiming to automate your sales processes, which leads to confusion about what sales automation even is. Mostly it points back to automating your sales tasks to make sure you’re reaching the widest audience with the smallest amount of effort. Many teams try to do this through mass emails and phone calls and personal touch can get lost along the way.
When automating your sales process keep in mind that all your competitors are reaching out to this person as well. This makes it that much more likely that your message will get lost or ignored in the flood of messages that your prospects are bombarded with every single day. It is imperative to ensure that your message cuts through the noise by hitting a nerve with your prospect.

Segment your lists

A key part of getting the right message to the right people is having the ability to slice and dice your list. It’s no longer enough to be able to sort by title or industry. We want to get granular. Create your list based off skills, titles, and website visits. These types of attributes and behaviors will help you hone in on what your audience is interested in and create messages that will grab their attention.

Customize your emails

Customizing your emails to your lead’s interests has never been easier. Using merge fields allows for you to add name, company, title, and, if you have the right software, anything else you know. You can also take it one step further and use dynamic content to add in additional information based on that lead record.
Not only will you be sending email to a segmented list, you can also individualize the offers. Let’s say you are sending an email to a list of Sales Managers who have visited your webpage detailing CRM integration. If you have information on what CRM they use, you can create a specific offer or message for their CRM without having to individualize each email yourself.

Don’t lose the personal touch of a phone call

With all the options available when emailing prospects, it’s easy to want to rely on email alone. However, in doing so, you lose that needed personal touch of giving someone a call. So, make sure as a part of your emailing campaign, that you leave a spot to add in phone calls.
If you’se using a tool like SalesTalk, you’ll have the option to create a campaign with both emails and phone calls. Once you get to the phone call, it is imperative to have all the information on what you have already sent. And, if you’se using SalesTalk, you can even customize what scripts appear based on who the prospect is or what behaviors they have exhibited, making it as easy to stay focused and relevant.

Take a look for yourself

We’ve covered just a few different types of features and ways to handle automating your sales process the right way. To get a deeper dive into what that looks like, just contact us. We are always available to share ideas or to show you how SalesTalk can work for you.


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