How To Get Back 260 Hours of Selling Time

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What would your commission check look like if you got back 260 hours of selling time? Improving the productivity of a sales team is an ongoing battle that all managers constantly face. With the average ramp up time of sales rep at six months, it’s already an uphill battle trying to bring new reps up to speed, let alone increase the productivity of current and seasoned reps. The average organization spends $10-15K hiring and only $2K a year on sales training; this training typically isn’t designed to increase productivity and selling time.

Systematize redundant tasks.

How many times a day do you sift through your sent emails searching for the perfect follow up? What if you could have all of your emails in one place with auto-populating subject lines and signatures? The infamous copy and paste email template is a thing of the past. SalesTalk provides you with email temples on the fly, available to you within the lead record. In addition, utilizing the Story So Far will allow for a sales rep to see a chronological timeline of all digital and conversational behavior; this includes page views on your website, form fills, opens and clicks on email campaigns and any important notes that were taken during a call. In turn, this will guarantee relevant conversations every time.

Diminish admin work.

Are you like the majority of the sales reps out there scribbling down notes during a sales call then having to go back and type them out in your CRM at a later time? One of the biggest nightmares for a sales rep is entering routine information into their CRM. How much easier would it be to click a button while on the phone for specific notes and have them trigger defined actions?
With SalesTalk there is a way that you can systematize that process without typing one word. Save time when entering information by having all the relevant CRM fields in a row, set rule based click notes that auto-update CRM fields with one click, and set one-to-one marketing campaigns or drop prospects into a pre-existing campaign that can nurture them throughout a few weeks time or over a year.

Empower sales reps with relevant content to ensure better conversations.

Have you ever had a promising phone call with a prospect where they hit you with an impossible question to overcome on the spot? Has one of your coworkers ever overheard this conversation and had some insight on how you could have overcome that objection and hypothetically saved the sale? What if you could have more promising sales conversations with all of the objection handling information you could ever need right at your fingertips?
Allowing sales reps to share their knowledge and success stories with others in their organization regarding the sales process, overcoming objections and best selling points is essential to growing sales and building more refined sales teams. Once you have this information, place it in an online database that is easily searchable so this information is available to all reps at the click of a button. Talking points enable sales reps with on-demand and relevant prospect content and sales scripting to accelerate closing. This critical information will be useful while on the road at an appointment and also in the office on a sales call. YouӬl never run into that impossible to answer objection or question again.

Automate buying signs that trigger sales rep alerts to produce more qualified leads.

Sales reps are constantly looking for more leads. What if you could set rule based alerts that come directly to your email letting you know when leads are spending a certain amount of time on specific pages on your website, filled out a form, etc.? With SalesTalk you can set these alerts to help you can stay on top of your customers when they are engaged and ready to buy. You can leverage lead scoring to identify and prioritize prospects based on the likelihood of closing to better use your calling hours and allocate time more efficiently.

Monitor progress more effectively and efficiently.

Finding holes in your sales process and monitoring where certain reps get stuck will help to refine your sales practice. SalesTalk’s Lead-to-Close Analytics provides an end-to-end view of sales activities, allowing you to visualize pipeline, forecast sales and determine next steps. This demonstrates how much time each rep is spending in every stage in the sales process ; drill down even deeper to see how long each rep spent on these stages per contact.
Spending money on tools to enable your sales reps might not seem like the best option for your budget, but it is the best option to enable your reps to meet their quotas quickly and economically. With less than 10% of information being entered into CRM sales managers could vastly improve their metrics by enabling their reps to accelerate and automate the sales process. SalesTalk’s patented technology accelerates not only the initial ramp up time for new sales reps but improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of even your most seasoned sales reps.
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