Introducing the SalesTalk Dashboard [Product Update]

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At SalesTalk, we pride ourselves on improving sales effectiveness ֠not just efficiency. Sure, we help you move faster, but real performance gains come from doing more of the right things, not just from doing things faster.
With that in mind, we’ve introduced some important new features to help you monitor and track activities AND how they impact your team performance.

Activity Reporting

It all starts with tracking activities. Everyone knows sales is a numbers game, and that the right number of touches is crucial to making your numbers. Our dashboard now includes an interactive graph that shows individual and team activity over time. Managers see the count of emails sent and the completed phone calls, appointments, and tasks for their team, and by rep. Sales reps and SDRs can make sure they are reaching their daily or monthly activity goals.
In addition to monitoring production managers can easily see:

  • Ramp up time to becoming productive
  • Activity production required to win deals
  • How productivity varies over time for individuals and for the team

SalesTalk Activity Report

Reporting Per Lead Stage

Knowing where your leads are in the sales process is critical to accurate reporting, forecasting and planning. We wanted to go beyond traditional reporting and give you a more in depth, granular view of your pipeline. Our new graphs of Leads and Revenue Per Stage allow managers to drill down to the list of prospects in each lead stage for an individual sales rep and to see the potential revenue for each stage.
Shorten Time to Close and improve the Win Rate by monitoring the sales cycle. See where deals are stalling and provide one on one coaching to help ensure your sales reps are pushing these deals along. Make sure there are enough leads in the funnel for your team to be successful.
SalesTalk Leads Per Stage

Call List

Top performance usually requires some flexibility and control. We know how important it is, especially when prospecting, to be able to move quickly from one conversation to the next. Our call lists now allow sales reps to sort their lead lists in the most effective way to create the prioritized calling lists that will work best for them. Once a call list is launched, the rep can disposition a call easily and move on quickly to the next lead with a single click.
It is that simple and fully controlled by the sales rep. No administration required.
SalesTalk Call List

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