Knowing Your Prospect Makes You a Better Seller

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This seems like a no brainer, however, so many sales reps are not taking advantage of all the information available out there in order to improve each call and produce more sales. Let’s look at the how and why behind knowing your prospects.

Relate to Your Prospect Person to Person

No one wants to be just another deal. Prospects want to feel like the seller on the other end of the phone has taken the time to learn about who they are trying to sell. People are much more receptive to sellers that they can relate to. Here are some tips for quickly gathering information on your prospects:
1. Scour their LinkedIn. LinkedIn profiles not only shows you what your lead is responsible for at their job, it can also give you insights on their interests and affiliations.
2. Read through a company’s about us. About us pages give informative highlights of a company’s mission and how they differentiate themselves.
3. Google the company and skim through recent articles. This can give you an understanding of the pain points and needs of your lead so that you can help cater a personal solution.
The main thing is to use this information to create personable and relevant conversations. Show them that you have an interest in what they are doing personally as well as where their company is going.

Provide Solutions That Make Sense to Them

Selling someone on a solution that they don’t see a need for is a lot harder than catering your solution a prospect’s particular pain points. Take this situation for example: If you work for a rapidly growing company where you suddenly need to hire a large sales force you are going to be less receptive towards a solution that is going to increase sales since you don’t even have the sales reps hired. However, if you positioned your solution to cut training time in half for new sales reps as well as assure sales adherence, you would be asking: ԗhere do I sign?

Know What They Are Interested In and More Importantly Not Interested In

Aligning your sales intelligence with your marketing intelligence can do wonders for knowing your prospects’ interests. Which is why sales reps should utilize this information instead of dismissing it as part of a separate business process. Marketing automation allows for you to track what your prospects open and what they click. If we include SalesTalk’s ability to tell you what pages prospects view and for how long, you get a complete view of your prospect’s digital behaviors.

Close the Deal When They Are Ready to Buy

Let’s take a look at tracking website presence a little closer. Think about the pages on your website and what different page visits means. If you have a prospect looking at your home page and your content repository, it is likely that they are a prospect that is just starting to show interest and needs a less aggressive approach. However, if you have a prospect that has viewed your pricing page, demo page, and may have even started to fill out a form, then you know that they are interested. This is a prospect ready for the next step.
Using this information to know when you have a hot lead can help to prioritize your prospecting. Making sure that you are selling to your hottest leads first and increasing your potential to close those deals.
With new technology like SalesTalk all of this information that was once only used in marketing segmentation can be used in sales as well. Not only will you see an increased appreciation from your clients for receiving relevant messaging you will also see an increase in deals closed.


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