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Sales Metrics offers a flexible marketing automation system with a powerful and intuitive campaign builder. Once the lead is delivered to sales, the sales team will have all the intelligence gathered by marketing in one single view.

Lead not quite ready to close? No problem. SalesTalk has such a tight integration that a sales rep can send leads back to a nurturing campaign and follow up when the prospect is more willing to engage.


SalesTalk has an easy drag-and-drop campaign builder, which can be set up in a way that suits your business best, using simple or advanced email drip campaigns. View exactly what path your leads are going to take and change or adapt them on the fly.

The trigger-based decision tool allows you to set up a series of conditions that automatically email additional content to prospects based on their profile, their activities and where they are on the decision-making path.

Write targeted messages and track your opens and clicks. Build compelling landing pages with smart forms, images, and subdomains to promote your brand and website.


Set up sales rep alerts, score engaged leads, and send leads to your sales reps lists based on prospect behaviour on on your website.

Scoring applies points for actions such as attending a trade show, time spent on a landing page, and completing a form. Use scores to determine which leads are qualified for your sales reps.


Create target audiences and profiles for improving conversion and generating sales-ready leads. You can create targeted lead nurturing campaigns by segmenting your database based on key attributes including demographic and/or behavioural criteria.

Group your leads under location, company size, organization, title, lifestyle, and status. Get even more sophisticated and create target audiences from opens, clicks, page views, and form fills.


Identify and monitor prospects in real-time. The best part of marketing automation is the ability to measure and manage leads more effectively. The visual reports and analytics allow you to optimize marketing tactics and budget, and predict revenue from your campaigns.

You can track online behaviours, campaign engagement, leads sent to sales, campaign ROI, and more.


Turn anonymous website visitors into income. SalesTalk offers its powerful Visitor Insights anonymous web tracking feature that captures critical information about visitors browsing your site, including detailed information on pages viewed, and providing powerful sales and marketing insights.

With Visitor Insights, you will know what company is visiting your web pages, even if visitors don’t fill out a form. Detailed page tracking includes time spent on pages, search words used, referring URLs and company information.