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030-Day Trial
  • Virtual Playbook
  • Know It All Navigator
  • Contact Database
  • Lead Management
  • Send Emails


  • All Basic Features +
  • CRM Integration
  • Playbook Analytics
  • Campaign Builder
  • Email Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • 1000 Mass Emails Monthly


  • All Essential Features +
  • Metrics4ABM
  • Contact Center
  • Big Picture View
  • Advanced Lead Lists
  • Behaviour Tracking
  • 2500 Mass Emails Monthly


  • All Advantage Features +
  • Support Desk
  • Click to Dial
  • Call Recording Links
  • 5000 Mass Emails Monthly

Sales Playbook Design and Build

  • Let us help you build your bespoke Sales Playbook
  • Integrate coaching into your best practices with our Training Hub Playbook
  • Upgrade all your sales reps with a unified message in their Sales Playbook

Marketing Automation

  • All Premium Features +
  • 30,000 Mass Emails Monthly
  • Additional Emails $.01 Each

Design and Build your Sales Playbook

Sales Metrics can bring some sales expertise to your company, by designing and building a Sales Playbook for your sales reps with all the right coaching tools, carefully crafted sales process, that leaves nothing to chance.

If you are missing creative, dynamic scripts, and call strategies, we can design these for you. We can build a training Sales Playbook that will get your team up and running in SalesTalk and using the Talking Point features and dynamic playbook tools at the implementation stage. With bespoke Playbooks, your team will be more motivated to use the tool and you will see an immediate impact on their performance.


Automate Sales Processes

SalesTalk’s flexible marketing automation system provides marketing with a powerful and intuitive campaign builder. Once the lead is handed off to sales, the sales team will have all the intelligence gathered by marketing in one single view.

Lead not quite ready to close? No problem. SalesTalk is tightly integrated to enable sales to prioritize the opportunities that are ready to engage and send leads back to nurturing campaigns for follow up when they have matured.



Our onboarding packages allows for our Client Success team to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. The SalesTalk team works to get your team trained and working in our software in under a month.


  1. 5Hours Training & Setup Support
  2. One-on-One Consultation
  3. Dedicated Client Success Manager
  4. Online Video Tutorials
  5. Indexedhelp




5-25 Users

500*excluding VAT
*Project specs may require additional hours

25-50 Users

1000*excluding VAT
*Project specs may require additional hours

50-100 Users

1500*excluding VAT
*Project specs may require additional hours

100+ Users

N/A100+ Users
*Subject to project scoping and specs

SalesTalk Pilot Program

SalesTalk offers a 30 day pilot program to allow your company to try us out and get hooked. Work with our qualified Client Success Managers to build a plan customized for your team. Get setup in as little as two weeks.

  • Up to 10 users

  • User fees are on us (only pay for your set-up)

  • Everything in our professional package is included

  • Contact our sales team to get started on your pilot.