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Not only does this work well for current reps but it’s crucial for training. Cut ramp-up time in half by having all the messaging a sales rep needs to intelligently and meaningfully converse with each lead to whom they are selling. Never have your sales rep stumble over questions and objections. Give your sales team the tool they need to be confident, top performing sales reps.


Fill your virtual sales playbook with consistent, best practice content that your sales reps need before and during their calls. Our navigator allows you to organize your sales playbooks in a way that leads and coaches your sales reps through the sales process from start to finish. Not only can you update and add content at any time to ensure that your reps have the best and most accurate content, you can alert your team on new content through color coded flags. Automatically track where your sales reps are spending their time to use that information to coach them on where they can improve.


We take call scripts one step further. Not only can you include static templates to help a sales rep through their calls, but we also include interactive call scripts. Through our scripting forms, your sales team can input information gathered right in their script. Use a completed script to make sure all the required information was gathered before moving on to your next prospect


Input pertinent information from your sales calls all at the click of a button. SalesTalk click notes represent all the notes that are typically taken during your sales calls. Minimize the time spent trying to remember and gather notes to manually put into your CRM hours or days after the call occurred. Instead we make it easy and efficient to automatically capture and input all your prospectsҠinformation accurately at the time it occurs.


Handle objections and answer questions on the spot with a searchable database of sales messaging and collateral. Our Google-like search engine allows the sales rep to bring up any messaging associated with a subject or keyword. Use the Knowledge Repository during calls to provide you with a dynamic library of information about your company, its products, the prospectӳ company, competitors’ products and any other information that has been gathered from your conversations from day one.