Reduce Ramp Up Time With Call Scripts

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The training period for a new inside sales rep often times exceeds well over six months. That is six months that you spend training a new hire and six months that the new hire is not getting you sales.
There is a multitude of reasons that it takes so long to get a new sales rep up to speed. As a company you want to ensure that the sales rep is always representing your company correctly and has the confidence they need to be able to speak well about the product. Since there are so many reasons that contribute to these long ramp up periods, there is also a myriad of ways to speed up the process. One sure fire way to get your sales reps up to speed faster are through the use of call scripts. Let’s look into how to get that call script just right for your company.

First Create a Generic Script

There is certain information that you are going to need for every one of your leads. First thing you need to do when creating these guides is decide what information is essential to retrieve when your sales reps are speaking to a new lead. Chart these fields out in a generic guide.
When I say fields I’m referring to EVERYTHING. Even basic information such as name, phone number, email as well as the not so basic information; how did you hear about us? Are you interested in these other products? As an inside sales rep you often receive numerous calls each day and it can be difficult to remember even the most basic information. This could cause the rep to be caught off guard and lose the lead due to a lack of proper responses.

Customize Your Scripts to Include Conversations

Charting out all the pieces of information that your sales rep needs to collect is vital. Now it’s time to add the prompts. Start writing a typical conversation that can happen when a new prospect calls in and include the fields within the script. That way there’s no guessing involved. This leads to more fluent conversations. It also allows for the sales rep to write in the information as soon as it is heard instead of flipping between two separate screens.
Make sure to write your script to sound conversational. You are writing for an actual call with a prospect not copy for a marketing piece.

Make Tweaks Over Time

No one gets it perfect the first time. If you want to write a script that is compelling enough to get all of the information you need and to result in a deal, you need to realize that it is going to take some time; it has to be a proven script. Set up a schedule that allows for you to reevaluate your call scripts. Create multiple call scripts and do some A/B split testing to see what yields the best results.

Allow Room for Conversation

Once your sales rep starts to get into the swing of things, allow for them to ask questions that will open up for more conversation. This could lead them into unknown territory, however, with the right points and scripts to guide them, they will be able to handle these calls. Always make sure to provide your sales reps with the collateral that they need.

How SalesTalk Improves Your Call Scripts

Our technology has a knowledge repository which is the perfect place to store your call scripts. SalesTalk allows for you to put all your call scripts in one place for your sales rep as well as provide the opportunity to update them at a moment’s notice. Use our analytics to see which call script is working and which are not.
Most importantly, SalesTalk allows for you to customize how you would like to use your scripts. You can have interactive scripts which allows for you to input the data straight into your script. Or input data at the click of a button with our clicknotes. No more having to navigate around a clunky CRM that was not customized with you in mind. Check out our solution yourself and schedule a demo.


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