Sales Playbook in Action [Video]

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Is your sales team equipped to handle any questions your prospects may have? Are they ready to deliver the key messages that their prospects need to hear? When your reps were in training, you provided them with all the tools and guidance they could ever need or want. Plus, there’s always the website.
How can you be sure, though, that reps know where all that information is and what to use when? Are they using the most up-to-date versions and do they know how to get to what they need quickly and easily?
SalesTalk’s sales Navigator was built to meet these challenges. Our Navigator acts as a virtual sales playbook so your sales reps can get to all their tools at the click of a button or from a quick search. To help show how our sales Navigator works, we put together a video highlighting some of the key points.

SalesTalk Virtual Sales Playbook

SalesTalk’s Sales Playbook is completely customizable and allows for admins and managers to store all their up to date content in one location. If you are interested in seeing how our playbooks could work for you and your team contact us to schedule a demo.


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