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Fabulous, unbelievable, simple. Takes the stress out of the sales staff after tradeshow to know that people are being tended to. Love it, love it, love it.

Richard Drennen

- VP Sales & Development of The Brogdon Group
SalesTalk, in the sales tool automation market, is a best-kept-secret that I am convinced is about to become very popular amongst professional salespeople who have to deal with a complex selling environment. Automate the task and not the person. SalesTalk does just this. Bringing personalization to the selling process without compromising customer engagement personalization.My experience of using SalesTalk, just over a small period of time, is that this tool shortens sales cycles, increases conversion rates and significantly increases the size of the sales pipeline which a salesperson can effectively manage.I am already recommending SalesTalk to sales and business leaders that I work with throughout Europe and the United States and I have never done this with any other 3rd party sales tool I have ever used before. And as I am old and professional selling is my life I have used a few!

John Fedden

- CEO of Sales Factory
With years of experience in telemarketing, and having used a number of state-of-the-art e-marketing and CRM systems including and Constant Contact, I find SalesTalk, in combination with its marketing automation, to be the most powerful combination of business development tools I’ve ever used. This power comes from seamless integration between marketing and sales functions which enables users to send out content-rich, mass e-mailings, to detect and record actions taken by any respondents that open, click through, unsubscribe, etc., and to make these data immediately available within SalesTalk where it’s converted into visible, actionable information for use in sales pursuits; in essence, immediately transforming thousands of “suspects” into prospects. Sales Talk allows the salesperson to prioritize, develop and monitor individual pursuits to cultivate prospects and bring them to closure as quickly as possible. “The Story So Far” function tracks all sales activity – background research, phone calls, correspondence, etc. – puts it at the salesperson’s fingertips and presents the entire history of interactions at a glance, allowing detailed drill-down into specific activities on demand. Having all of this information readily at hand enables the salesperson to tailor sales strategies to individual prospects “on the fly” while enhancing credibility and professionalism when engaged on the phone or via e-mail. This is invaluable to anyone working hundreds of prospects concurrently and making many contacts every day, which is necessary and typical in complex, high value, long duration B to B selling wherein developing personal relationships with prospects is critical to converting leads into sales, and to one’s ultimate success.

Walt Beadling

Merit Career Development
Companies engage us to improve the overall effectiveness of their sales teams by focusing on a customer centric approach to adding value. A critical success factor is to maintain a “best practices” approach to every customer touch. To assist, I often recommend SalesTalk to provide a clean easy to use interface to best manage the requisite sales and marketing information as well as sales activity. SalesTalk improves a company’s ability to onboard reps, provides easy access to critical sales tools and gets everyone on the same page with regard to value proposition and positioning strategies. One central data repository readily available by a single touch. What could be easier? 

Alan D. Rohrer

- Phoenix Office of QBS Research,Inc.
SalesTalk is a homerun for any high growth, sales-led organization.The lifeblood of my sales organization is in the ability to generate sufficient amount of leads through a systemized sales process that can be replicated.We have experienced over 700% CAGR and are looking to replicate it again this year.SalesTalk is a vital tool for us to reach our goals.The implementation couldn’t have gone smoother and our reps understand the true value of sales acceleration.A favorite feature of mine is talking points.It gives your most junior sales representative the ability to be autonomous with easily queried statements while on the call or presentation.I see tremendous value in ensuring we deliver the right response.

Patrick Schwind

- President of Hivewyre